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The CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/Crash is a 12-inch electronic cymbal that brings breakthrough V-Cymbal technology to a very affordable price point. This expressive dual-trigger cymbal offers the natural rebound, inertia and "swinging" motion of an acoustic cymbal - plus cymbal choke capabilities - making it perfect for use as a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal.
Pearl Masters Premium Maple MMP 10'', 12'', 14'', 22'' *SPECIAL OFFER* MMP Masters Premium Maple The Pearl Masters Premium Maple Series offers the discerning player precision, beauty, innovation and options. This special series is available in 4 ply 100% Maple shells and also features upgraded low-mass aluminum OptiMounts, Masterworks & Reference class bass drum spurs, bass drum claws, floor tom legs and leg brackets. Masters Premium snare drums feature our revolutionary new swivel tube lugs that assure perfect tension rod to lug alignment. All Masters Premium drums feature our new "Golden Ratio" air vents for improved low-end response. You can choose from a total of 33 hand-rubbed lacquer and premium covered finishes in your choice of chrome, black chrome, or gold plated drum hardware. All shells are constructed using our exclusive SST Superior Shell Technology manufacturing process. Our goal is to create the best sounding drums possible and SST assures that all shells are perfect acoustic chambers for amazing sound. The classic, natural sound of Masters Premium Maple can best be described by one word…resonant.  Our exclusively manufactured 4 ply 100% Maple shells produce the perfect blend of stunning attack, smooth midrange and low end punch that has made these drums so popular with top players in every style of music. In comparison to the classic 6 ply shells, Pearl's 4 ply shells with 4 ply reinforcement hoops produce a "vintage" sound with deep, rich tone and incredible sensitivity. For the ultimate “near-field” acoustic drum sound, there is simply no better choice than Masters Premium Maple.
30 player Festival Djembe pack - Bucara Fibreglass Small (Key Stage 2) Ideal for schools and other education establishments or drum circles. This pack includes 9½ inch Festival Djembe, Fibreglass Body, Bucara x 30 The Djembe Guide & CD x 1

Drumshack | New, Second Hand & Vintage Drum Kits, Cymbals, Snare Drums, Guitars & Amplifiers | Musical Instrument Specialists

Second Hand Drums & Vintage Kits. Drum kits, cymbals, snares, electronic drums, acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers and MORE! Second hand cymbals & snare drums are a great way to get your new professional sound at a reasonable price. We also list our second hand products as used, 2nd hand or pre-owned. We also have great special deals and prices on a large range of new products, click our specials and deals category to see bargain and cheap prices on new and ex-demo products. Vintage drum kits and snare drums are often at Drumshack including Ludwig, Slingerland and Gretsch vintage drums. Specialists in New and Used Drums and Guitars. Drumshack provides new and second hand acoustic drum kits, electronic drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and PA equipment. London drum company Drumshack are musical equipment specialists. Second Hand We stock a wide range of second hand and vintage drum kits, snare drums and cymbals. Our stock is similar to other sites such as Graham Russell. Graham Russell are also a stockist of second hand/used drum kits, cymbals and snare drums. Drum kits At Drumshack, London's famous second hand drums, guitars and musical instruments shop, you will find just that plus drums from all the top brand drums kit both vintage and brand new, percussion such as djembes and congas, plus woodwind, brass and strings. We have knowledgeable staff that have a genuine passion for both the instruments that they play and customer service. If you want to try out an instrument, such as a Pearl, Yamaha or Roland drum kit, then you are encouraged to visit the store before you make a purchase. However the purpose of the website is to make all our kits drums and other instruments available for online purchase. Orders can be taken via a secure server and will be sent out swiftly after purchase. We can deliver across the country and Europe and if you have something in mind, such as a Yamaha drum kit, then we can quote you a price for delivery. For anyone interested in an electronic drum kit we have the latest models to suit a range of budgets. In this respect the Roland drum kit is a perfect example of a compact and stylish kit for every day use at home or at school. Kits drums Drumming enthusiasts will love our range of kits, and we are confident we have something for people of all levels of ability. From beginner kits to professional models, our drum kits are made up of the best selling quality brands. Of these, one of the biggest selling lines that we have in stock including the Blackhawk, New Classic and USA Custom is the Gretsch drum kit range. The new classic series is the first kit in 50 years to be completely redesigned and has a blend of classic looks and modern features, which make it a truly modern classic kit for all drummers. If money is an issue or if you simply want to pick up a bargain then check out our clearance deals, as we often have a drum kit sale mixed with a few other items such as hard cases and bongos. For fans of the electronic drums kit we have the main players in this field such as Yamaha and Roland. The advantages of having an electronic kit are numerous and the latest models have an assortment of new sounds and practice facilities. If you are looking for something really special then the TD9KX2, TD4KX2 and Roland HD1 as well as Yamaha DTX500K 520K and 540K and the Yamaha DTX700K and 750K complete electronic kit is an excellent example from the electronic Roland and Yamaha drum kit range due to its advanced next generation sound engine. Drums kit If you have always been a person who taps away to a tune and feel that you can take it a step further then there are plenty of beginner kits that we offer that won’t set you back a small fortune. From acoustic junior sizes to electronic full size starter, we have some excellent drum kits for all novices. The latest models on the market are constantly reviewed so that we are able to provide our customers with the best possible value whatever the price range. For kids to start learning some drumming techniques the performance percussion kit represents one of our cheap drum kits, although it has everything one needs to start playing. It’s the complete package with a bass drum, mounted tom toms, one floor tom and a snare, plus a cymbal, drum sticks, drum pedal, stool, hi hat stand and cymbals. If you don’t have much space or if you are starting to rehearse with a band and need a kit to be easily transportable then this is for you. Classic kits For the last thirty years of so, birch has been the wood of choice for many professional drummers as a result of its distinct and traditional sound. Everyone has their own idea about how drum kits should be built and if you know the sound you want, we are confident you will find it on our website. Gretsch New Classic Solid Maple Shell drum kits with an 18 bass drum is a perfect kit for jazzers, be-bop and anyone who wants a smaller drum kit. It is always worth checking the Drumshack specials as there are lots of different products being constantly offered at exceptionally low prices. Of the drum kits for sale, there are only a few Mapex Voyager models left, which features basswood drum shells, a padded throne, double braced hardware and comes with stands, pedals and stool. This is a great example of drums kit that will last you many years and only requires a small initial outlay. Drum in Style For those interested in a new kit, then the meridian maple series Mapex drum kit is certainly worth having a look at. The 7-ply all maple shells come with a newly engineered tom mount system and redesigned bass drum tom mount. Other interesting features of this drums kit include a freshly designed lug, power hoops and spring cushioned floor tom legs. There are some wonderful finishes to choose from and the kit comes in different sizes. Another model from the range of Mapex drum kits worth a look is the Saturn series drum kit, which was brought out just this year. This should really be tried out as you really wont be able to appreciate the sound and feel of the two thin walnut piles and ultra thin maple shells until you sit behind one of these drum kits and play a couple of beats. This is one of the few kits that will really make an impact when played on stage due to such characteristics as having a lightweight hardware so as to optimise the effect of stage lighting and its unique sonic qualities. Often once drummers get behind a Mapex they often find it hard to turn to other kits drums such is the playability and joy this kit offers. However, there is a kit for everyone as we all have our own sound and style, so make sure to keep your eye on our drum kit sale as you may well find your ideal kit there.
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