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Roland TD-17 V-Drums Module

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The Roland TD-17 V-Drums Sound Module is a fantastic electronic drums module with coaching programs and amazingly authentic sounds.

Incredible Sound and Training Features

Roland’s TD-17 Drum Sound Module is packed with features to give you an awesome drumming experience and help you become a better drummer, faster.

With a sound engine derived from the flagship TD-50, the TD-17 drums module provides you with professional quality expressive drum sounds for an amazingly authentic reproduction of a real acoustic drum kit.

You will also benefit from the large number of built-in coaching functions that can track your technique, measure your progress and motivate you to become a better drummer.

Roland TD-17 V-Drums Sound Module Key Features:

  • Expressive and Dynamic Sound Inherited from Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology of the Flagship TD-50
  • High-Speed Response with Wider Dynamic Range, High-Resolution of Tonal Changes
  • Authentic Hi-Hat Sound with Smooth Open-to-Closed Pedal Control and Bow/Edge Tonal Detection
  • Open and Closed Rim-Shots Detected for Authentic Snare Technique
  • Bluetooth Audio for Wirelessly Streaming Audio from Your Smartphone to the TD-17 Module
  • Coach Functions Support Your Daily Exercise and Warm-Up Routines
  • Playback Audio Files from SD Card
  • Preset Drum Kits Cover a Wide Range of Music Genres with Further Sound Customisation Possible
  • Ambience Control and Variation to Emulate Venues from Small Stages to Large Halls
  • Import User Samples, Assign Them to Any Pad and Layer Them with Internal Sounds for Deeper Customisation and Creating Individual Drum Sounds
  • Compatible with “Melodics for V-Drums” to Improve Your Sense of Time
  • 2-Trigger Inputs for Additional Pads or Pedals
  • USB Port for Connecting to Your Computer for Music Production

Amazingly Authentic Sound

Using Roland’s proprietary Prismatic Sound Modelling technology which it has inherited from the flagship TD-50 sound module, the Roland TD-17 sound engine delivers incredibly authentic drum sounds.

While playing, you’ll notice a huge dynamic range with awesome tonal changes depending on where you hit the pads and how hard you strike them.

All your playing techniques from rim shots, rolls, flams and ghosts notes on the snare to full-on crash hits, extended cymbal swells along with half-open position on the hi-hats and even more sounds for the bow and edge, will be picked up by the TD-17 with incredible detail.

Find the Perfect Kit Sound for Your Style

When preparing for a live show, it’s important to know what you’re going to sound like on the day. The Roland TD-17 drum sound module is packed with a huge range of expressive modelled drum sounds inherited from Roland’s flagship TD-50 module.  With this great range of sounds you can find the perfect drum sound for your gig.

You can even choose from 50 premium quality drumkits to suit a range of different scenarios and genres. You can choose “Acoustic for warm, wooden vibes, “Compact” for the sound of a smaller stage or go to the other extreme and choose “Arena Stage”.

Selecting the “Studio” kit sound gives you incredible clarity which is perfect for recording, or you can go the route of more genre specific kits such as “Fat Rock” and “Speed Metal”. Whatever you’re looking for – you can be sure that the Roland TD-17 will have something to match your style.

Another great way you can prepare for your next gig is by creating the ambience of the venue just by using the TD-17 module.

Using the onboard reverb and ambience settings of the TD-17, you can hear exactly what you’re going to sound like in all types of venues – all without having to leave your house.

Create Your Own Custom Kit

You can, however, completely customise your kit sound. Modern professional drummers like to craft signature drum sounds by layering multiple elements.

Using the TD-17 you can create your own signature kit, layering multiple sounds and editing them using the onboard pitch control, EQ, effects and more.

Sometimes you hear an awesome kit sound on one of your favourite records or you’re doing a cover of a song and want to get the drum sound exactly right and with the Roland TD-17 module you can do just that.

Samples can be imported via SD card so you can trigger original single-shot drum samples for each individual part of the kit.

You can also try something completely different like triggering entire audio phrases, sequences and vocal samples.

Better still; the samples you import can be mixed and layered with the TD-17’s built-in sounds giving you the ability to create an awesome, powerful drum sound and match pretty much any drum sound you want.

Built-In Training Features

Whether you’re just getting grips to keeping a rhythm or you’re a veteran drummer and you want to refine your technique, the TD-17 module has a number of built-in training features to help you along the way.

Using the Roland TD-17 drum module’s Coach Mode you get the perfect support for your daily training.

From warm ups to tempo and timing – and even stamina development, the TD-17 keeps you motivated, tracks your progress and gives you a score so you can see exactly how well you’re coming on.

With Time Check mode, you can improve your accuracy while playing on with a click track. You get a percentage score for your accuracy and the TD-17 even tells you whether your pad strikes were before, ahead or on the beat.

You can take your timing to the next level by switching over to Quiet Count mode. The perfect way to develop and refine your internal sense of timing and tempo, the TD-17 will give you a click track for the first few bars before cutting out.

You continue to play during the silent bars with the aim of staying in time for when the click track returns. The more you use this mode, the better your “internal metronome” will become.

Then there’s WarmUp mode which makes sure your daily drum practice sessions are more fun and motivational. You can choose either a five, ten or fifteen minute session with a range of difficulty settings and select a tempo

You will then be provided with a range of different exercises for working on rhythm type changes, tempo changes and playing accuracy.

When the WarmUp session is over you are given a grade and the motivation to improve on this grade during your next session.

Play Along with Your Favourite Music Via Wireless Bluetooth Streaming!

If you want to take a break from drumming solo, how about playing along with your favourite bands?

Play along to your favourite tunes, rehearse covers you’ll be doing on stage or practice along with recordings of your own band – all with the convenience of Bluetooth audio.

Using your Bluetooth enabled media player, such as your smartphone, you can stream songs to the TD-17 drum module and play along, listening to the entire performance through your head phones.

It’s not always convenient or possible to get your whole band together for rehearsals but you can carry on playing along with the band by playing your recordings from your smart phone. When you and the band get together for rehearsals or the next big gig, you’ll be more than prepared.

Furthermore; you can record all your playing and listen back to it so you can review your performance and decide if there’s anything that needs improving.

TD-17 Drum Module – A Great Way to Get Better

Using the Roland TD-17 Drum Sound Module, you can greatly improve your skills as a drummer and have fun doing it thanks to the numerous built-in training modes.

You’ll also find that it’s a great way to try out new sounds and kits, prefect when trying out new styles and getting ready for gigs.

Packed full of amazingly recreated drum sounds, you’ve got a huge range of incredibly modelled sounds to choose from so you’re covered from rehearsals to shows and even recording.

Buy the Roland TD-17 V-Drums Sound Module today and get fantastic drum sounds and your own personal drumming coach, all in this compact unit.

Roland TD-17 V-Drums Sound Module Specs:

  • Drum Kits: 100 (Preset: 50)
  • Instruments: 310
  • Instrument Parameters: Level, Pan, Tuning, Muffling, Snare Buzz, Strainer

User Sample:

  • Internal memory size: 32M bytes
  • Number of user sample: Maximum 100 (includes factory preloaded user samples)
  • Sound length (total): 24 minutes in mono, 12 minutes in stereo
  • File format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits)

Kit Effect:

  • Ambience: 25 types
  • Multi effect: 30 types
  • Pad equalizer: 3 band (Low, Mid, High), Capable to each pad
  • Master Effect: Equaliser: 2 band (Bass, Treble)

Bluetooth (excluding TD-17-L) *1:

  • Supported standards: Bluetooth Ver 4.2
  • Supported profile: A2DP (Audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Codec: SBC (Support to the content protection of the SCMS-T method)
  • Internal Songs: 7
  • Song Player: File Format – WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits), MP3 *2


  • Recording Method: Realtime
  • Maximum length: 60 min (Temporary recording: 3 min) *3
  • File format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits)
  • Display: 128 x 64 dots graphic type LCD (with backlit)
  • External Memory: SD card (SDHC supported)


  • TRIGGER INPUT connector: 1 (DB-25 type) (Kick, Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Hi-Hat, Crash1, Ride, Ride Bell, Hi-Hat Control)
  • TRIGGER IN jack: 2 (CRASH 2, AUX) (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
  • MASTER OUTPUT jack: 2 (L/MONO, R) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • PHONES jack: 1 (stereo miniature phone type)
  • MIX IN jack: 1 (stereo miniature phone type)
  • MIDI OUT jack: 1
  • USB COMPUTER jack: 1
  • Output Impedance – OUTPUT Jack: 1k Ohms, PHONES Jack: 94 Ohms,
  • Input Impedance – MIX IN Jack: 11k Ohms


  • Speed: Hi-speed USB
  • Driver mode: Generic, Vender
  • Protocol: USB MIDI, USB Audio *4

USB Audio:

  • Sampling Rate (Original): 44.1 kHz
  • Sampling Rate (with sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 48 kHz
  • Record: 2 channels (1 stereo)
  • Playback: 2 channels (1 stereo)
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor (DC 9 V)
  • Current Draw: 490 mA


  • Sound Module Mount
  • AC Adaptor
  • Special Connection Cable
  • Owner’s Manual

Roland TD-17 V-Drums Sound Module Size and Weight:

  • Width: 223mm, 8-14/16 Inches
  • Depth: 196mm, 7-3/4 Inches
  • Height: 65mm, 2-9/16 Inches
  • Weight (Excluding AC Adaptor): 0.9kg, 2lbs

*1 Bluetooth function is not available for TD-17-L

*2 Audio files must be saved on an SD card.

*3 Song recording is required SD card. The case of no inserted SD card is capable to record the temporary recording approximately 3 minutes.

*4 USB Audio is required the using vender driver and switched vender mode.

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