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This unassuming little box shovels out enough low frequencies to scare a blue whale. It takes your guitar signal, fuzzes it up, then duplicates it two octaves down. You control the output and the mix between the dry signal and the effect. Using it 100% wet is quite an experience, but more recognizable sounds appear as you dial In more dry signal. The Blue Box is known for having a chaotic personality that can make each session a totally unique experience! Power: Single 9 volt battery or Dunlop ECB-002 AC adapter - Controls: Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass (red LED indicates on) Output knob sets total output gain Blend knob adjusts ratio of dry (clean) with wet (effects) signal
Roland TD-1K Compact V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1K offers the most affordable incarnation of the TD-range of V-Drums electronic drum kits released to date. Roland TD-1K boasts legendary V-Drums sound and performance packed into a set ideal for the entry-level player or for those after a quality, affordable and quiet electronic practice kit for the home. TD1K features 15 expressive drum kits and supports essential acoustic drum techniques, including cymbal choke and advanced hi-hat playing. Loaded with the superb Coach function, metronome and recorder Roland TD-1K V-Drums delivers an ideal solution for beginners and novices looking to start or improve their drumming. Included within TD1K is the TD1 drum module, which features a wide selection of expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, from rock and blues to jazz, world music and electronic dance music. Every kit reacts just like the acoustic and electronic kits they emulate, giving you a huge range of variety in one compact, standalone instrument. In addition, you also get fun onboard training and recording functions for building your skills and checking your progress. You can even practice along with onboard audio songs or your own tracks played from a smartphone or music player connected to the Mix In jack. TD1K, unlike typical entry level electronic drum kits, features cymbals that include the advanced expressiveness found in all TD-series V-Drums modules, for example bow and edge sounds and support for cymbal chokes. The hi-hat also reacts to the nuances of your footwork, bringing personality and character to your playing. This allows you to develop authentic drumming techniques via the responsive pads and cymbals bundled with every TD-1K drum kit, just as on an acoustic set. Roland TD-1K also features a beater-less kick pedal and a noise-reducing design of the snare, tom, and cymbal pads along with an ergonomic space-saving footprint. This making the TD1 range of V-Drum kits ideal for those after an affordable low noise kit for home practice, so they do not disturb other family members or neighbours. As your playing develops so can the TD-1K, as it is compatible with various V-Drums upgrades that offer enhanced performance, for example the optional OP-TD1C for an additional crash cymbal, KT-10 or KD-9 for kick drum. In addition, Roland TD-1K features USB-MIDI so you can hook up to your PC or Mac for use with the DT-1 Drum Tutor software, V-Drums Friend Jam series, or for recording with your favourite computer based DAW software application.
Stagg Full Size Classical/Spanish Guitar Perfect for beginners navigating their way around a Guitar for the first time, or just to have an affordable, playable Guitar for fun. Also could be put to good use as a travelling Guitar.

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