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Gibraltar SC-CBPM Cowbell Bass Drum Pedal Mount The Gibraltar SC-CBPM Cowbell Bass Drum Pedal Mount lets you mount cowbells, blocks or tambourines to an adjustable floor stand that accepts most bass drum pedals.
DW Design Series Frequent Flyer Kit-*Shop floor* Shop floor model - brand new condition A travel-friendly jazz kit with tone that defies its predecessors. Peter Erskine approached the DW design team with a novel question,"What if there was a travel kit that didn't sound like a travel kit?" Seems obvious enough, but the minds at DW had never tackled the quandary head-on, as it wasn't a simple task. So they went to work on a kit that was just small enough to be travel-friendly, but also substantial enough to sound like a 'real' drum set should. After years of R&D and discussion, the sizes were established: a 20x12" bass drum with low-mass spurs and lightweight ratchet bass drum mount, an 14x11" floor tom with aluminum legs, a traditional 12x8" rack tom with an STM mounting system, and a matching 14x5" snare drum. The kit also comes standard with True-Pitch™ tension rods, MAG™ throw-off, True-Tone™ snare wires, and DW Heads by Remo®. The kit is offered in two finishes: a durable White Onyx FinishPly™ and a gloss lacquer Tobacco Burst. As with all Design Series™ drums, the shells are 100% North American maple with no reinforcement hoops. Cymbals and hardware sold separately. FEATURES 100% North American maple shell MAG™ throw-off Suspended Tom Mount (STM) system True-Pitch™ tension rods True-Tone™ snare wires Low-mass bass drum spurs Lightweight ratchet bass drum mount DW Heads by Remo® Configuration: 20 x 12" kick drum 12 x 8" rack tom 14 x 11" floor tom 14 x 5" matching snare Go places with the DW Frequent Flyer. Hit the road today! Maple HVLT Shells Good and the DW Custom Shell Shop in California bring you HVLT, the same technology that is standard on our latest Collector's Series Cherry drums. HVLT grain orientation and slightly thicker 1/32in plies of North American maple are a potent combination that delivers a full tonal spectrum, attack, punch, and sonic versatility. Design Series shells are tailored for just about every style of music. Design Series 8in toms feature a 7-ply HVLT construction, while the snares feature 10-ply HVX, and the 10-18in, along with all bass drums, feature 8-ply HVLT construction. Graduated Counter Hoops Design Series are available exclusively with Chrome Standard Triple Flange Hoops to give your drums a great versatile sound. Steel Triple Flange Hoops come in graduated weights (1.6mm for 8 & 10in toms, 2.3mm for 12-18in toms and snare). STM - Suspension Tom Mount DW’s patented STM (suspension tom mount) system allows drums to vibrate freely, allowing maximum resonance while securely holding the drum in place. Because there are no washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, choking is reduced and tuning is as easy as ever. (U.S. Patent #5520083) DW MAG Snare Throw-off System Design Series comes with the MAG throw-off finished in Chrome. A purposefully simple design, the MAG (U.S. Patent No. 7,902,444) is a workhorse drop throw-off with horizontal tension adjustment and smooth, easy-adjust action. It gets its name from a clever magnet that's integrated into the body of the throw-off. When the handle is in the up position, it won’t release without a slight tug. When it does release it throws the strainer completely off the head to avoid any strainer buzz. True-Pitch Tuning Rods To give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch® rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the 12/24 that’s standard on most other drums. To compare, there is 1 thread every 0.8mm on our True-Pitch® rods (about 20% more threads), versus 1 thread every 1.05mm on most other drums. The result is a more exacting tuning process. Floor Tom Lrgs Design Series resonant floor tom legs are 1/2in diameter, 21in length and fabricated in chrome-plated steel. Frequent Flyer Unique Features: The Frequent Flyer has some unique features to the Design Series to keep it lightweight and ideal for gigging; low-mass spurs and lightweight ratchet bass drum mount 11x14in floor tom with aluminum legs traditional 8x12in rack tom with STM matching 5x14in snare drum The kit also comes standard with: True-Pitch tension rods MAG throw-off True-Tone snare wires DW Heads by Remo.
Tanglewood Java TWJ J1 Acoustic Guitar  Shop Floor Model SHAPE: Dreadnought TOP: Spruce BACK: Mahogany SIDES: Mahogany NECK (MATERIAL): Nato FINGERBOARD: Sonokeling BRIDGE: Sonokeling BINDING: Mahogany SADDLE: PPS, Compensating NUT (WIDTH): PPS (43mm) SCALE LENGTH: 650mm MACHINE HEADS: Enclosed, Black Soft Touch FINISH: Natural Satin EQ: N/A STRINGS: D’Addario EXP16 SKU: TWJJ1

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