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Tanglewood TW15NSLH Sundance Left Handed Acoustic Guitar, Natural Tanglewood's Acoustic Guitars are designed by some of Europe's most celebrated Luthiers, each instrument is a manifestation of some of the finest tone woods available, produced with their factories' meticulous attention to detail. Each instrument is quality checked and set-up for optimum playability, ensuring a comfortable and consistent playing experience right from the first chord strummed. Specifications: Body & Bridge Shape: Left Handed Dreadnought Top: Solid Spruce Back: Solid Mahogany Sides: Solid Mahogany Binding: Ivory ABS Bridge: Rosewood Bridge Pins: Ivory ABS Finish: Natural Satin Neck & Fingerboard Neck (Material): Mahogany Neck (Build): One Piece, Velute Fingerboard: Rosewood Binding: Ivory ABS Saddle: Bone, Compensating Nut (Width): Bone (43mm) Scale Length: 650mm Hardware & Acessories Machine Heads: Chrome Grover Strings: Elixir Nanoweb Light 12-53
Contemporanea 1-12 Player Ginga Samba Pack This 12 player samba pack features instruments from Contemporanea's Ginga range, a less expensive range of hard-wearing instruments. They offer many of the features of Contemporanea's more expensive Professional range and is very popular with schools. Samba is a group activity, with a collection of simple rhythms melded together into a coherent piece of music. Each samba pack we offer is designed to work musically when playing various Samba rhythms. Contents - 1 x Surdo 14" x 45cm Metal Ginga - 1 x Surdo 16" x 50cm Metal Ginga - 2 x Beater for Surdo, 'Olodum' - 1 x Contemporanea Repinique 10" x 30cm - 6 lugs Ginga - 1 x Wooden Beater for Repinique - 3 x Contemporanea Tamborim 6'' - 6 lugs Ginga - 3 x Double Beater for Tamborim - 3 x Ganza - Small, Single Aluminium - 3 x Agogo Double Ginga Small - 1 x Samba Whistle - 3 x Surdo Sling 1 hook - 1 x The Beatlife Book & CD Samba Tutor 
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20'' 5 Piece Shell Pack, Honey Amber *Shop Soiled Cymbals and stool sold separately - stands available through drop down on right of screen The Yamaha Stage Custom has never looked, sounded or felt so good! The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 piece shell pack is an updated and redesigned edition of this classic drum series. With all birch 6ply shell and Y.E.S.S. (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) this is a great choice when purchasing a drum kit. Enjoy the brightness and attack of 100 birch shells and fall in love with the tone of these shells. Featuring a 20'' kick drum, snare, two quick toms and a floor tom, this shell pack does not include hardware or cymbals. Features Shell: All Birch 6ply BD Head: Front: Ebony P3 type Batter: Clear P3 type FT/TT Head: Top: Clear Ambassador Bottom: Clear Diplomat SD Head: Top: Coated Ambassador Bottom: Snare Ambassador Lug: Seperate lug (Absolute lug ) Hoop: Triple flange hoop (1.5mm) (TT/FT/SD) Wood hoop (BD) Tom Mount: Y.E.S.S. (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) Configuration 10'' x 7''Quick Tom 12'' x 8''Quick Tom 14'' x 13'' Floor Tom 20'' x 17'' Bass Drum 14'' x 5.5'' Snare Drum TH945B Twin Tom Holder 

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