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Sakae 13" x 6.5" Maple Snare Drum - Natural Finish - Made in Japan *Shop Floor Model - Excellent Condition* Size: 13×6.5in Shell: 6ply 7.1mm Maple Hoops: Mighty Halo 2.3mm Chrome Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan. Since 1925, Sakae Rhythm has devoted their passion and craftsmanship to creating the best drums and percussion instruments in the world. In 2009, after 40 years of making drums for one of the world's leading drum companies, Sakae Rhythm launched their original brand, "Sakae Drums". "Sakae" stands for "Prosperity" in Japanese. The Sakae S-spiral logo is derived from the name with hope for prosperity for all musicians and the entire music industry.‚Äč
30 player Festival Djembe pack - Bucara Tweneboa Djembe (Key Stage 3) Ideal for schools and other education establishments or drum circles. This pack includes 11 inch Buccara Tweneboa Djembes, x 30 The Djembe Guide & CD x 1
Contemporanea 2-18 Player Ginga Samba Pack 2 This 18 player samba pack features instruments from Contemporanea's Ginga range, a less expensive range of hard-wearing instruments. They offer many of the features of Contemporanea's more expensive Professional range and is very popular with schools. Samba is a group activity, with a collection of simple rhythms melded together into a coherent piece of music. Each samba pack we offer is designed to work musically when playing various Samba rhythms. Contents - 1 x Surdo 14" x 45cm Metal Ginga - 1 x Surdo 16" x 50cm Metal Ginga - 1 x Surdo 18" x 55cm Metal Ginga - 4 x Beater for Surdo, 'Olodum' - 1 x Contemporanea Repinique 10" x 30cm - 6 lugs Ginga - 1 x Wooden Beater for Repinique - 1 x Contemporanea Caixa 10" x 10cm Ginga - 1 x Snare Beater 5A (pair) - standard tip - 5 x Contemp. Tamborim 6'' - 6 lugs Ginga - 5 x Double Beater for Tamborim - 4 x Ganza - Small, Single Aluminium - 4 x Contemporanea Agogo Double Ginga - 1 x Samba Whistle (Apito) Wooden - 4 x Surdo/Repinique Sling 1 hook - 1 x Snare Sling 2 hook - 1 x The Beatlife Book & CD Samba Tutor 

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